Class A apartments in Ferrara - Bruni Costruzioni

Energy Saving

Bruni Costruzioni buildings have a very low eco-environmental impact, achieving Class A energy certification.


They are built using high-quality insulation, optimised heating systems, solar panels and photovoltaic system, to minimise atmospheric emissions, protect the environment and allow considerable financial savings.

All homes are built fully in respect of the Region of Emilia Romagna Regional Document No 156/08 (more restrictive than MD 311/06, currently in force in Italy) as amended, but this is not all: Bruni Costruzioni has adopted its own solutions for improvement over and above those required by the regional law.


Walls radiating heat to the exterior
Constructed using 12 cm blocks finished on the external face, insulating cavity render and a cavity with 10 cm extruded and expanded polystyrene, and 20 cm bricks on the internal side.


Floor between apartments.
The floor is made of ceramic, marble and/or wood on a cement screed, expanded and extruded polystyrene of at least 8 cm together with 1.5 cm rubber acoustic insulation, 24 cm hollow slab and render.


Hollow slab construction with overlying insulation with 20 cm expanded and extruded polystyrene.
The choices of systems, which also comply with the above-mentioned Regional Document, were made to allow the best internal comfort, fully in accordance with the consumption and atmospheric emission limits.

Heating system

The condominiums are fitted with heating with individual heat metering systems for each apartment and a condensation boiler.


This solution allows high energy savings and the comfort of independent central heating: the individual meeting system allows each apartment to adjust the temperature independently, and the heating costs  are allocated according to effective consumption.


Each apartment is fitted with a satellite user control system which allows customisation of temperatures and times, giving the user the option to view the quantity of heat being used.


Bruni Costruzioni opted for low flow temperature radiators, fitted with climatic temperature regulation, which ensures very high performance of the distribution/emission system without affecting internal comfort.


In order to reduce consumption further, Bruno Costruzioni also optimised the domestic hot water system.


Domestic hot water is produced using the same generator as used for heating and metered using the same satellite control metres adopted for the system described above.


In order to be able to use the same generator (which for producing hot water would be low power) an accumulation system was adopted with a high storage capacity of the hot water produced.


This offers two massive benefits:

  • it allows water to be heated during low heating times, for example at night;
  • it allows water to be heated with a low flow temperature, which ensures a high yield of the generator even at this critical phase of its operation, where you normally see a significant reduction.

Solar panels and photovoltaic system

The buildings are also fitted with solar panels, to supplement domestic hot water production.


The solar panels cover more than 50% of the energy requirement. This significantly reduces heating costs and atmospheric emissions.


Lastly Bruni Costruzioni installed a photovoltaic system of 1 kW/h for each apartment, which on average, given the building's correct exposure, corresponds to 8/8.5 m² of panels installed for each apartment.


This also enables a significant reduction of consumption and is available continually and does not depend on the use of electrical equipment. It reduces the consumption due to the refrigerator, washing machine, circulation pump etc.