Anti-seismic apartments in Ferrara - Bruni Costruzioni

Earthquake protection construction

Bruni Costruzioni buildings are built according to current earthquake protection regulations, as laid down by DM 14/01/2008 "Norme tecniche per le costruzioni".

Their structure has a high-performance seismic acceleration protection, thereby assuring optimum safety in the event of an earthquake both in terms of material damage and physical injury.


Tests are conducted according to the limit state method, both in terms of collapse safety and lasting durability.

The buildings are designed with a reinforced concrete structure, with three-dimensional frames made of pillars, beams, slabs for overhanging balconies and hollow slab floors.

The rigid central lift shafts are built in reinforced concrete.

All foundations are reinforced with steel rods and are seated on a stable bed and are independent from seasonal changes to the subsoil.

For each building specific geological surveys are carried out in order to evaluate the seismic category of the subsoil and the ground's liquefaction potential.